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What is "My PGA Journey"?

It is an interactive experience where leading PGA Mentors share their insights, passion and career guidance for a successful career in the golf industry.

The program is free and open to all...students, players, parents, coaches...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is My PGA Journey?

My PGA Journey is an interactive career exploration app for all mobile devices. Each month throughout the year, students, players, parents, and coaches will be introduced to a new PGA mentor who virtually guides and inspires them on the skills, tools and educational or career pathways available to them in the golf industry. The program introduces the next generation of young players and students in high school, college and those in PGA Golf Management University, to pursue golf careers and build the skills that will open up their future in the golf industry.

Why should Parents and Coaches register for My PGA Journey?

Learning is a life-long skill and the My PGA Mentors have passion for the game, passion for teaching, passion for helping others, and passion for growing one player and one PGA Professional at a time! You can help your players and kids discover their passion and help them connect to a life-long career journey in golf. Come learn from the best!

Why should students participate?

My PGA Journey is a powerful and exciting way to explore the many careers in golf. By experiencing My PGA Journey, you will be more aware and better prepared to enter a career in the golf industry. You will learn about educational pathways and scholarships for school.

How do I become a My PGA Journey Partner?

The PGA is offering the free program to leading golf industry organizations and their members to help inspire the next generation to combine their passion for the game of golf with their educational and career pathways. Partner organizations will be able to provide the program to their members through a dedicated registration link which identifies the user as one of their members. The organization will receive aggregated information about their users, their progress with the program and their interest in education and career pathways. Click here to send a message to the My PGA Journey support team.

How long does it take to run?

My PGA Journey is a self-paced program with multiple mentor experiences delivered virtually throughout the year.

How does it work?

Users virtually interact with the My PGA Mentors selected for their expertise and success in three exciting career paths: Golf Operations, Teaching & Coaching, and Executive Management career. Students in PGA Golf Management University, college and high school will learn the necessary skills, tools and educational paths they will need to pursue any of the many varied careers in golf.

Is there a cost to participate?

My PGA Journey is free for everyone's use - high school and college students, players, coaches.


The PGA of America has partnered with the following organizations to inspire the next generation to pursue educational and career pathways for an exciting and rewarding career in the golf industry.

PGA Jr. League
PGA Works

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